Choosing a property management company could be one of your most important decisions. Who you choose can make your work as a board member easier, or much more difficult. Here are some questions to help you learn about our company and the kind of service and expertise we can offer. If you have specific questions about running your association that you don’t see answered here, please contact us .


Who is S.L. Kindt Management?

We are a small, owner-operated company specializing in servicing the specific needs of homeowner associations and Boards of Directors at common interest developments (condo, townhome, single family). A sole proprietorship established in July 2006, S.L. Kindt draws on 21 years of industry experience, knowledge and resources to ensure your association’s complete satisfaction and long-term success.

Can you describe the style of service your company provides?

We provide accessible, consistent, hands-on service delivered with a personal touch. Where other management companies drop the ball, we are proactive and there for you when you need our help the most.

Who manages the day-to-day operations of our association? Who is our contact?

Sally Kindt, owner and founder of S.L. Kindt Management and Nancy Brians, Association Manager, will personally assist you with the daily operation and ethical management of your association. You will also receive expert, efficient service from Yvonne, our office assistant.

Who will attend Board meetings?

Either Sally Kindt or Nancy Brians will attend all of your Board meetings. Even as new property managers who share our philosophy are hired to assist us as we grow, Sally will continue to play an active role—observing meetings and ensuring that you receive the hands-on, consistent quality of personal service we are known for

How are disputes over pets, parking or among homeowners resolved?

We will write a letter(s) to the homeowner addressing the concern and request that it be resolved. If this approach does not work, we will invite the homeowner to an Executive Session hearing to discuss and find ways to resolve the issue in person. We will maintain a detailed written account of all steps taken so that, if necessary, the Board of Directors has a better chance of assessing fines according to the association’s governing documents.

How are requests for variances or modifications managed?

Homeowners are asked to submit their request for architectural variances in writing on an approved Architectural Variance Application. With the new rules about meetings and agendas, homeowners should submit their application no less than one week before the Board of Director meeting to ensure their request is placed on the agenda.

What is the process for obtaining bids and proposals from vendors?

Bid requests for landscaping, roofing, painting, etc. are sent out only to contractors who are licensed, bonded and insured for work at homeowners associations. Three bids are routinely requested and then provided to the Board of Directors for review and selection. Major projects like roofing and painting should be overseen by a project manager to ensure detailed specifications are included: flashings, vents, type of roof to be installed, paint color(s)/type, areas to be painted, etc. Using a project manager reduces the liability to the Board of Directors and management as neither has the expertise to say the project is being done correctly.

For example: When faced with major dry rot repairs prior to painting, the Board of Directors should consider selecting an architect and project manager to perform destructive testing before putting the project out to bid. Then the project manager can either select three general contractors they have had success with, or the specs drawn up by the architect can be delivered to management to put the project out to bid. Either way this ensures that the association is receiving apples to apples bids on their project.

How are finances managed?

Association funds are held in separate accounts dedicated to each individual association. Association funds are never commingled. S.L. Kindt Management outsources this important business function to one of two professional bookkeepers who have extensive experience working exclusively with the bookkeeping issues and financial concerns facing homeowner’s associations. We recommend  Top Notch Bookkeeping.

How is the Reserve Study managed?

California law requires all homeowner associations to complete a Reserve Study every three years to ensure adequate funds exist to cover major component expenses. Your association may want to update your Reserve Study annually with the same company that completes the Reserve Study Disclosure to be included with the association’s annual budget. Whatever you decide, we will work with your current reserve study professional or can recommend someone to you.

Who do we contact if there is an emergency after business hours or on the weekend?

Our answering service is ready to assist homeowners when our office is closed after business hours or on weekends. On the rare occasion our answering service is unable to provide direct assistance to resolve the problem, the answering service has been directed to contact Sally Kindt immediately for help. We make it a point of service to go out of our way to obtain any information that may be needed, or to personally assist homeowners, in an emergency.

Can you help us comply with legal and insurance issues?

S.L. Kindt Management will work with your current attorney and insurance agent to answer any of your legal or insurance questions.

How can you help us maintain transparency to homeowners?

Maintaining Board of Director transparency by providing full disclosure can protect the Board from any litigation or mediation issues that may arise. Directors are required to act in the best interest of the association, even at their personal expense. This can be achieved by disclosing Executive Session Board decisions on the Consent Agenda for the general meeting, as well as publishing decisions in the newsletter. As an example, Boards of Directors considering dropping earthquake insurance are advised to 1) speak to their attorney first, and, 2) put the decision out to a vote by the members. This makes all members aware of what the Board is thinking about doing and helps the Board in the decision-making process.

Do you require indemnification protection?

Yes. The management company should always be indemnified and covered by the association’s E&O policy. The management company should also carry their own liability and E&O coverage. S.L. Kindt Management carries a $1,000,000 policy with Northwest Insurance.

Do you hold E & O (errors and omissions) insurance?

Yes. S.L. Kindt Management has $100,000 coverage for errors and omissions with Hartford Insurance.

What licenses or certifications do you hold?

S.L. Kindt Management managers are certified by the California Community Associations Managers (CCAM) as well as members of the Executive Council of Homeowners (ECHO). Managers attend the Northern Law Seminar annually and participate in continuing education coursework to maintain CCAM certification. Sally Kindt is on the Wine Country Resource Panel for ECHO and attends the resource panel monthly. Staying on top of the ever changing laws and legal issues affecting homeowner associations helps prevent your Board from being out of compliance.